Process Management and Compliance’s mission is to improve and optimize Army processes that pertain to financial management policies, systems, and reporting requirements as well as provides end-to-end field implementation and compliance support through internal control testing.

PMC’s vision is to serve as the Army’s premier internal controls compliance agency that delivers campaigns to improve readiness and establish a culture of audit success through internal testing and process standardization.

The directorate established and maintains the Army Process Portal, a CAC-enabled website developed to provide Army-wide access to signed business process standardization documentation and other information about the Army business process standardization initiative.


  • Assess and update Army finance risk (annual)
  • Conduct recurring tests of operating effectives for financial controls
  • Identify and remediate control deficiencies and gaps – support corrective action plan development and execution
  • Support Army financial report compilation
  • Analyze, improve and sustain process standards
  • Maintain the Army Process Portal and Army Control Catalog
  • Strategic communications and organizational preparedness
  • Validate Army key financial controls through tests of design
  • Facilitate or support new process standard documentation and control development