BPM drives continuous process improvement by leveraging the Army’s end-to-end business process standards to address external findings and identify process deficiencies as well as maximize Army time, resources and manpower for readiness, reform and modernization.

BPM improves and optimizes Army standardized processes that pertain to finance policies, systems and reporting requirements; provides end-to-end field implementation support for processes; and delivers campaigns that improve readiness and establish a culture of audit success.

The directorate also established and maintains the Army Process Portal, a CAC-enabled website developed to provide Army-wide access to signed business process standardization documentation and other information about the Army business process standardization initiative.



Business Process Standardization: BPS partners with stakeholders to standardize the business processes that have the most significant impacts on the general ledger and Army financial statements including civilian pay, disbursing, contract and vendor pay, reimbursable work orders, and military pay. BPM assembles the Army’s end-to-end business process standards, to include: process maps, process details, process cycle memos and all things audit content.

Army process standards support audit walkthroughs, and support process improvement and reform by identifying duplications and gaps in a process which allow leaders to reduce cost, increase efficiencies, and eliminate weaknesses.

Business Process Assurance: BPA reduces direct and indirect audit costs by increasing auditor reliance on the Army’s control environment.

Business Process Improvement: BPI capitalizes on opportunities to reduce cost through process efficiencies and cycle time reduction, delivering more buying power across the Army.

Integration and Governance: Provides program management, change control, systems and sustainment support for all BPM-related activities, ensuring overarching alignment.