The U.S. Army Financial Management Command enables the readiness of America’s Army by serving as the Army’s focal point for all finance and comptroller operations while providing FC capabilities that facilitate accountability, auditability and stewardship. USAFMCOM conducts enterprise-level financial operations and provides technical coordination for FC units and commands across the Army in order to ensure the effective implementation of policies and programs to support optimally resourcing the Army.


USAFMCOM is responsible for Army FC functional support in the areas of systems, audit and compliance, financial operations, and Enterprise Resource Planning business standardization. The command also provides Army-wide, unique actions such as operational oversight of field FC activities, FC unit technical training, electronic commerce and classified finance and accounting oversight. In doing so, the two-star command also provides FC expertise and coordination on the adequacy of finance policies, as well as systems and reporting requirements to units at all levels throughout the Army and to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.


USAFMCOM is comprised of five directorates: Army Financial Services, Audit Response Center, Business Process Management, Systems Support Operations, and Military Pay Operations. Each directorate serves a distinct – but equally vital – task within both Army finance and information systems support.