Army Financial Services oversees enterprise-wide finance support to expeditionary and garrison finance and comptroller organizations, sustains electronic commerce and banking capabilities, provides technical training and evaluation of financial management units, and provides oversight and support to Army classified finance and accounting operations.

The directorate maintains oversight of the Army’s disbursing and entitling operations, as well as manages the Army network of civilian pay customer service representatives, Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Program, and Army Mass Transportation Benefits Program. Additionally, AFS serves as the lead activity on all external and Army-wide finance operational audits.

The E-Commerce Division develops, fields, trains and sustains electronic commerce capabilities in cooperation with the U.S. Treasury, Federal Reserve Banks, credit unions and commercial banks. These systems include the EagleCash and EZpay stored value cards, as well as financial systems for processing electronic international and domestic payments and collections. The E-Commerce Division also manages the Army banking program.

The Operational Support Team, conducts pre-deployment FC operations and resource management training to Reserve and National Guard FC units; provides pre-deployment technical evaluations for all three components; and supports units throughout their deployment cycle. The team also evaluates units’ abilities to meet their standards for training proficiency and helps prepare them for Multi-Domain Operations during Large Scale Combat Operations by providing external technical evaluations.

The Finance Oversight and Operations Division performs oversight of the Army’s service provider for disbursing and entitling operations, manages disbursing and entitling operations conducted by Army organizations, manages the Army network of civilian pay customer service representatives, and coordinates with the Department of Defense and national service providers on the execution of disbursing and entitlement functions.

The Budget Analysis Division provides administrative control and technical oversight directed by the Army Budget Office, and the Army Lead Defense Travel Administrators provide annual permission-level reviews, provide the Army Defense Travel System Tier 2.5 help desk support, and create and maintain all DTS Army training course material.


  • Electronic Commerce
  • Training and evaluation of financial management units for all components (Army, Army Reserves and National Guard)
  • Oversight, inspections and centralized support operations for Army classified and overseas finance and accounting operations
  • Army Banking Program
  • Perform functional management of Army centrally managed accounts for electronic commerce, banking, and loss of funds
  • Oversight and management of Army disbursing and entitling operations
  • Manage the Army network of civilian pay customer service representatives
  • Army functional POC / lead activity on all external and enterprise-wide operational audits of Army financial management network
  • Manage the Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Program
  • Distribute Headquarters, Department of the Army funding to operating agencies
  • Manage and approve accounting adjustment, month-end and year-end closings
  • Manage the Army Mass Transportation Benefits Program