U.S. Army Financial Management Command Army Military Pay Offices serve Soldiers and their families through a variety of pay operations. The following training is provided to better help AMPO employees serve their customers and take care of the Army's number one priority, our people.  


The calculating chargeable leave training consists of a two handouts and two videos.

1. Start by downloading a handout which provide an overview of the training materials by clicking HERE

2. Then, download a handout on how to calculating chargeable leave using permanent change of station (PCS travel vouchers) by clicking HERE.

3. Watch the USAFMCOM video below to learn more about how to calculate chargeable leave for PCS. 

4. Watch the Defense Finance and Accounting Service goDocs video below that to learn how to locate and pull up copies of advice of payments for PCS travel vouchers.

DFAS goDocs

To calculate chargeable leave, AMPO employees need access to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service's goDocs.

Download a handout on how to obtain system access to goDocs by clicking HERE.

Watch the video below to learn more about how to use the search function to obtain supporting documents.