The Army Process Portal, or APP, is a one-stop repository that brings the Army’s business processes, controls, audit tools, policies, and Army Organizations into one centralized location. The APP supports the Army’s goal to reach audit success by providing access to vital information concerning All Things Audit. The APP acts as a method of collaboration by hosting other Army Organization’s pages (i.e. DASA-FOP, DASA-DE&C, and DASA-FM&C’s RMIC) making them easier to navigate from one location. This interactive tool is managed by the U.S. Army Financial Management Command’s Process Management and Compliance directorate.  


The APP provides everything you need to stay in step with Army business process standards and controls.

  • Use an interactive tool to help you understand high-level operations.
  • Review audit fundamentals relevant to your processes.
  • Access job aids, training, policies, and user procedures.
  • View PMC briefings, announcements, and calendar of events.
  • Watch videos on PMC and audit-related topics.
  • Communicate feedback on PMC outputs and the APP.

Access to All Things Audit

  • Ensures you are prepared to respond to auditor requests.
  • Highlights examples of risks and controls, key supporting documents, and systems.

Access to Interactive Process Maps

  • Provides a virtual representation of the process standards where you click through each process step and corresponding details along with the All-Things Audit attributes (i.e., controls, key supporting document, and systems).
  • Hyperlinks quickly navigate you to other sub-processes, source websites for systems, KSD guidance & examples, other Process Standards, and more.


All non-Army Department of Defense Common Access Card guests (visitors with an email address other than who visit the APP must first request access to the Army SharePoint Online environment before they can view APP site content. This one-time registration is performed here:   

Once your registration is processed in approximately 5 minutes, the APP site can be accessed here: